Free Funny and Witty Ecard: This woman's husband cheated on her and left her homeless and her response is genius


  1. Posted by ceciliaacollins9768, — Reply

    She stuffed shrimp into curtains in every room. They eventually rotted. The couple couldn’t figure out the awful smell. Tryed to sell. Nobody bout it. Ex called year or so later, agreed to buy house for 1/10nth of the price. The couple moved next day with everything. Including the curtains..

  2. Posted by kayleeroseloughran, — Reply

    I don’t get. I know the ex did something but what? Please explain and I know people are going call me dumb but I’m a kid so please don’t yell at me.

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  5. Posted by gc4592, — Reply

    For those who don’t get it you have to click on it to go to the website where you’ll see the whole story. I learned this the hard way lol. Your Welcome 😁

  6. Posted by plzdontsueme, — Reply

    But like, she couldn’t have thought of that in only three days right? So she had to have had a plan or something for circumstances like this and have known what she was going to do right? Or am I just stupid?

  7. Posted by missmarcy58, — Reply

    Touche great way to get the house back! Got rid of the rotten SOB and the stink. Love it. I am off to buy shrimp and caviar!

  8. Posted by bebeigebee, — Reply

    Oh my goodness! That lady really rocks!! *Applause* Well, did the couple think that it's something supernatural following them??

  9. Posted by nonya_business17, — Reply

    Since I didn't see anything after her packing and leaving I thought this was a joke and started laughing😂😅

  10. Posted by hall0145, — Reply

    i never really clicked on this dumb junk ...BUT THIS??? was FUNNNY!!!

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