These 12 Budget Friendly DIY Home Decor Projects Are Worth Trying!


Home decor can be pricey if you buy it. But do you know how much money you can save by making it yourself? These 15 budget friendly DIY home decor projects are


  1. Posted by AlexandaManshack, — Reply

    They staring at each other like "who we eating next"

  2. Posted by sof1s1, — Reply

    Eu tirava daí é jogava na água pra quicar

  3. Posted by krissukass, — Reply

    Lovè these funny candle stones

  4. Posted by jes1126, — Reply

    I love these! Great idea!

  5. Posted by Rose_mrd, — Reply

    OMG, they are so cute 💕

  6. Posted by aakritibudhathoki, — Reply

    How to glue that stone?

  7. Posted by Iwantat, — Reply

    This is so... cute

  8. Posted by dearadiratna, — Reply


  9. Posted by cvcote, — Reply

    What kind of glue you use to glue the rocks

  10. Posted by Emma_Twist_12, — Reply

    Awww the rocks around the campfire,looks so cute !🥰😍❤️

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