Plant Care 😊



  1. Posted by cerrarothan, — Reply

    Pretty much all of these are all stupid as fuck... 1. You'll grow potatoes, not Roses. Ice actually shocks the roots of orchids, soak in Luke warm water once every other week and let drain. Soap kills plants too that's just dumb

  2. Posted by sasuntha, — Reply

    Ummm are u dire that soap water doesn’t kill the plant ? I’m not risking,y plants for these dumb looking life hacks

  3. Posted by babyloca12, — Reply

    just put hair into the soil. your plants will be fiiiiine. ok but like what the actual F u c k

  4. Posted by rcalmeyer, — Reply

    Is it necessary to be so rude. BTW Soap does not kill plants. Ever heard of grey water.

  5. Posted by tracileighstew, — Reply

    Yeah I’m skeptical if they really work, or if the internet is taking me for an idiot

  6. Posted by disseyth, — Reply

    I got potatoes!!!! No not recommend this pseudo hack.

  7. Posted by sylvia21554, — Reply

    I did this to rose and nothing showed up. So how long does it take?

  8. Posted by joan_neri78, — Reply

    Stupid hacks.. You gonna kill your plant with soap lol..

  9. Posted by jayx1y1x2y2, — Reply

    Soil repels flies but it will kill plants

  10. Posted by zhangshiting123, — Reply

    dear~I like your video very much,can I use and edit it~

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