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Chocolate Fudge Caramel Brownies - Easy to make brownies that are loaded with chocolate chips and layers of gooey caramel. Rich, chewy and simply amazing!


  1. Posted by lorae184, — Reply

    I made these and they turned out extremely gooey. Almost like undercooked.. I cooked them for about 50 minutes I was thinking maybe I should have used a bigger pan?!..not sure

  2. Posted by christinagrover, — Reply

    I used a 7 by 11 pan and did not have good results. I don’t know if the pan would really make that big if a difference or if my oven is THAT off but the center took about an hour to fully cook, thus the edges were so burnt and chewy. Not making again.

  3. Posted by sophiakoskinen, — Reply

    Took longer to cook than I expected, just a very gooey recipe.

  4. Posted by juliaspinetta, — Reply

    Made them 3 times now and it always turns out good!!! Everyone loves them!

  5. Posted by ACE12397, — Reply

    these are so good! if anyone has a chance to make these you should

  6. Posted by jenaedward, — Reply

    How long should I preheat and bake for?

  7. Posted by recipefairy, — Reply

    Need to make these myself! :)

  8. Posted by DessertRecipesIdeas_, — Reply

    Ahaa, It is nice recipes.

  9. Posted by ashleyyeolovesjournals, — Reply

    luv this...

  10. Posted by tatinhaandrade2, — Reply


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