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These Avocado Brownies are an easy & healthy recipe, made with avocado instead of butter or oil. They are gluten-free and dairy-free, with a fudgy texture!


  1. Posted by swimnoel, — Reply

    These turned out so good! I was very surprised 😍 probably one of the best brownies I’ve eaten & there’s no flour but avocado in it!? The only thing different, mine took 30 minutes to bake instead of 45 minutes. Very yummy!

  2. Posted by amerie_swift, — Reply

    Super fudgy!!!!! I used dark cocoa powder, omitted the almond butter and use 1/4cup canola oil, and used 1/2cup of caster sugar (didnt have coconut sugar on hand) tastes great! I know due to the changes i made, it’s no longer keto- just wanted to try an avocado brownie 💓

  3. Posted by kmarielynch, — Reply

    I had doubts but these turned out delicious! I used maple syrup instead of brown sugar, possibly made them fudgier than they would have been but they were still rich and delicious! You need to try these!!

  4. Posted by ldalgetty8457, — Reply

    I've made these Avocado brownies, my grandkids & daughter loved them until they found out 🥑 was in them! I shouldn't have told them😂 my hubby & I thought they were really good.😋😋

  5. Posted by bunnyfur1000, — Reply

    Considering that since I have a fruit orchard and a vegtable garden, AND since vegtables are 30% of my diet (fruit 40%), I'm actually eager to try this :D If it wasn't for my stepmom Charlie I would be like EWWWW but that actually sounds interesting and yummy! I probably won't taste the avacado anyways

  6. Posted by thornyprincess, — Reply

    This was soo good! I didn't have half of the ingredients, but I used the ratios. I subbed the eggs for chia seeds and I baked it for twice the time. It came out like a mouse with a crust.

  7. Posted by haleyyy_h, — Reply

    I’ve made these about 3 times and they are sooo good! One time I had ran out of almond butter and peanut butter so I though they wouldn’t turn out good but they where still amazing!

  8. Posted by ohanlocs, — Reply

    Turned out really well! I followed the recipe exactly as listed. You can’t taste the avocado at all and they are super rich/fudgy.

  9. Posted by sirrmom, — Reply

    I followed the recipe and omitted the coconut sugar for stevia... the texter was great but the taste was awful (dont use stevia). Cutting the calories wasn't worth the after taste.

  10. Posted by nancylouv, — Reply

    Used 1/4 cup honey for sweetener and substituted 1/2 tsp baking soda,baked 10” less, seemed dry maybe add some coconut oil.

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